4.4.2 HELP??


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Jul 31, 2015
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My phone: GS5 Verizon
Baseband: G900VVRU1ANCG
Build: G900VVRU1ANCG

Ok so yesterday stupidly I took the lollipop update and hated it.. I was on BOC4.. Being new to most of this, I tried following all the forum posts to get back to KitKat.. And here is where im at..
I was able to get myself to the 4.4.2 NCG, and then use towelroot to root my phone, and I have SuperSu pro and Titanium backup pro both on my phone.. So I am fully rooted and I froze the OTA updater using TB..
Here is the problem.. How do I get to 4.4.4 from here? Ive spent so many hours already just getting to this point, and I cannot figure out the next step..
I cannot seem to find any 4.4.4 file to upgrade to, and would it just be an upgrade or is gonna wipe my apps and stuff again to get from 4.4.2 to 4.4.4? I keep reading about SafeStrap? Do I need that? What is it?
Bottom line im currently in 4.4.2 rooted, and I just want to stay rooted and be on 4.4.4
Thanks in advance..


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Feb 12, 2012
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Look in Samsung Galaxy S 5 - XDA Forums to see if anyone has posted 4.4.4 Odin files.

Safestrap is a Samsung-for-AT&T-or-Verizon TWRP. (The bootloaders are locked, so you can't install a custom recovery, but Safestrap intercepts the boot process so you can run TWRP.) Do you need it? I prefer running it, if for nothing other than backing up the entire data partition in one shot.

However, you'll also need a 4.4.2 boot app, because once you install 4.4.4, Safestrap won't come up. You run the app, restart and you can get into Safestrap. You do what you need to, then flash the 4.4.4 boot with Safestrap, restart and you're back in 4.4.4. It sounds complex, but you get used to it. (And we'll have to keep doing it unless someone brings suit against AT&T for violating their Band C agreement with the FCC.)