7 Pro - very poor battery life


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May 30, 2011
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Well the AOD is taking a bunch, maybe kill that feature. Do you have 5G available? Maybe try switching to LTE. I don’t have 5G here, maybe why my battery is so good.

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Mar 9, 2012
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Android System Intelligence seems to be on all the time -- it's not using much battery in itself, but it tracks with your Phone Idle, which seems to be what's using a lot of battery. My Android System Intelligence definitely does not show that duration of battery use.

Are you regularly using any of the ASI features, listed here? https://support.google.com/pixelphone/answer/12112173

You could try clearing the cache and data for ASI in the Settings>Apps​ menu.

EDIT: I just noticed that Messages is also on constantly. My Messages battery usage shows a total of 1 hr 48 min at this time, and certainly not 24 hrs (even though battery use is Unrestricted for that app). Try also clearing the cache/data for Messages and force stop it, then open again.


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May 31, 2017
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I have the same issue on my 6 pro...the Google app and Pixel Launcher app are constantly using battery according to the battery usage stats. I've tried clearing cache and force stopping and this does nothing. They're not using a lot of battery but this still seems off.


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Dec 17, 2022
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Battery life can vary a lot just depending on the user and if there were any issues with initial setup.

Go into adaptive Battery settings and uncheck adaptive Battery. Restart the phone.

Charge it to 80% or higher and use it. See if you notice any difference. If you don't notice any difference then you probably need to reset the phone. Back up to Google first.

Then reset the device. Try setting up as a new device without restoring anything. Don't install but the most basic and needed apps.

Test your battery life for a day. Uncheck adaptive Battery.

If after a reset and using as a new device with just a few apps you still have really poor battery life then you probably have a hardware issue and need to contact Google support. If it solves your problem then reset it again and then go ahead and restore it from the back up.

You can use adaptive Battery. Just understand if you use adaptive Battery it takes about a full week for it to be optimized and understand your usage patterns. After that week you should see better battery life.

After a restore the first day battery life will be terrible as it updates apps and syncs all your content. If you are not using adaptive Battery then it should only take a day or two to even out battery life.

One other point to note is if you use have the phone powered on and you have AOD enabled and just let it sit in AOD mode over night it should use about 8% of battery life. Any more than 10~13% would be abnormal. Just to give you an idea of idle consumption.

If you use your phone heavily all day I would expect you to end the day with 60-30% depending on usage.

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