9 MAGICAL features that makes Honor Magic totally drool-worthy!


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Feb 21, 2013
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Honor Magic! The name says it all! Please read on to know how the phone lives up to its name.

Here are some cool features that make the device work like true magic!


1. WiseScreen Sensor
The intelligent sensor system allows you to activate your phone smartly. The moment you pick up the phone, the sensor on the phone’s frame and the front infrared camera recognize your hand and your eyes, and put the phone into action by activating the screen. When you put down your phone, or place it in your pocket, the screen goes off in one second.


2. Intelligent Face Code Recognition
New message notification will only show up for pre-registered faces to ensure users’ privacy.


3. Honor Magic Live
Honor Magic Live smart engine does not only understand the users’ needs, but helps to organize their life. By detecting external factors such as touch, direction, brightness, speed, distance and location, Honor Magic does not only function passively on your demand, but also provides active services beyond your imagination.

(A) Smart Services: Customized recommendations for your daily activities
Scenario 1: Imagine when you are chatting about movies with your friends on Wechat*, Honor Magic will then be able to recommend the latest blockbusters for you.
Scenario 2: Imagine when you are on the road, Honor Magic automatically recognizes that you are driving and will prompt a reminder for you to switch the device to driving mode.
Scenario 3: DeepThink - Press and hold the home button and Honor Magic will offer multi-facets information based on the current webpage you visit.
(B) Smart Display: Presenting information the instant you need it
Scenario 1: Once you use Honor Magic to order a cab, the driver’s license plate information will be shown on the display under locked screen mode.
Scenario 2: Once you arrive at the theatre, Honor Magic will automatically display the ticket booking number.
Scenario 3: When you approach the parcel collection counter, Honor Magic will automatically display the tracking number.
(C) Magical Transformation: Activating functions to fit in your surroundings
Scenario: When you’re in the dark, the auto lock screen will prompt the flashlight button which can brighten the room with a gentle swipe.

4. My Pocket
Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to activate the ‘save’ and ‘share’ button so you can collect and share your favorite articles, music and videos.

my pocket.jpg

5. 3D Glass Curved Design
Honor Magic boasts of an ergonomic design with its double 3D glass covers and Class-A curvy style which reflects bright, shining lights.


6. Magic Touch: Effortless navigation with one key
Besides being Honor’s first smartphone with front home button which also serves as fingerprint scanner, Honor Magic’s home button is an all-in-one key replacing the “back” and “overview” buttons, enhancing the actual screen size considerably.
You may navigate around, such as unlock the phone, return to previous page, browse history and return to the home screen, simply by touching, double tapping or swiping on the same key.

magic touch.jpg

7. Fast charging
Thanks to the introduction of a special graphite molecular structure of the new battery materials - and the new charging design, Honor Magic achieves an incredible boost. It only takes 20 minutes to juice up the battery to 70% and 10 minutes to charge up to 40%. With Honor Magic, your days of worrying about low batteries are over.


8. 2K AMOLED Curved Screen
Honor Magic features a stunning 5.09-inch 2K AMOLED curved screen which presents the vivid world in all its color.


9. Dual 12MP Parallel Lens
Honor Magic boasts of 12MP dual lens camera, one lens captures black and white image while the other one captures color images - the former guarantees detail and the latter delivers vibrant color. The dual lens work together to effortlessly capture clear and vibrant images.
Dual cam.jpg

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