A Droid Device with Google Wallet NFC support? What?


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Jun 18, 2013
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Alright, I know what you all are thinking (Droid devices don't have NFC Wallet Support blah blah blah) I get all that, but this is not what this is about. Back when I first got my Droid Ultra I took it out of the box and powered it up and when it came to the home screen I Noticed something...something familiar. It was an "Initializing Google Wallet" notification in the notification bar. The same one that my Nexus devices got when I power them on. Now how can this be? I hadn't even downloaded any apps yet. Especially not Google Wallet because at this point because it was not on the Play Store for Verizon phones yet. I have not seen the notification again but this was very very interesting. Is it possible that deep within the software Google put a Google Wallet app? I want to know if anyone with one of the new Droids or maybe the Verizon Moto X noticed this as well or am I just crazy? I wish I took a screenshot but I didn't think to at the time. I should also note that this happened a while ago, try August.