A little tip about high graphics games


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Apr 20, 2014
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Hi everyone. I'm absolutely loving my Note 9, such a massive upgrade from my faithful galaxy S5.

Here is my tip about high graphics games such as Real Racing 3 as an example. I have played around a LOT with different settings, adjusting the balance between resolution, power saving etc. If you don't do any adjustments I find the battery is drained fairly quickly but even worse, the phone still heats up significantly which is of more concern.

What I have set is this:

Medium power saving with only HD resolution, (trust me, it's plenty good enough. I have tried FHD and above and there's hardly any difference but a BIG difference in heat and battery). I also set the speed limiter on the processor and decrease screen brightness 10% which of course you can still manually adjust.

Then in games launcher I set the game performance to "focus on performance" That seems to override a bit the lower screen resolution and I have found this setting the best giving good graphics and still good battery life and only minimally heating the phone.


MID power saving
HD resolution
Processor limit speed
Game performance > focus on performance.

As a note: Some games you have to turn off limit processor speed. I have found one, - Sky Barron. This runs choppy if you have speed limiter on even if you switch on "decrease resolution to improve game performance"

Real Racing 3 and Dead Trigger 2 run perfectly with limit processor speed.

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