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a newly ordered and installed replacement screen hasn't turned on/worked even once


New member
Mar 5, 2018
I've a 2017 model Galaxy J3 Emerge. Broke my screen some time ago and ordered a replacement screen, installed myself and it worked great. unfortunately the screen ended up broken and due to monetary constraints i couldn't order another screen for 3 months. my situation was such that i had to use the phone without the screen attached in any capacity, as in it was shattered to bits and i still used the phone through "Ok, Google..." commands. i finally received a new screen friday and go to connect it and nothing at all. I've nothing else i can connect it too to see if its something in the screen itself or what. I am hoping that all that time without a screen covering the guts of the phone is the problem. This model has a plastic clip that held the data cord connector in place to the motherboard and i actually kept the severed connector in place with that clip through the majority of this time so as to keep it from becoming more damaged. ANY ideas at all as to anything i can try?