A way to prevent cell tower hopping/switching


Feb 3, 2011
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Is there a way in either the settings menu or an app that will prevent the Photon from constantly looking/pinging for a stronger tower? I have determined that once locked onto a tower and it stays locked (or locked onto wifi), my battery life is actually very good. For example, at lunch, I sit in my car for about 45 minutes connected to one of the 4g towers and am using the phone the whole time while listing to music/podcast and using the internet and I start with a full charge and will only lose between 10 to 15 percent of the battery.

However, where I actually live are a bunch of weak coverage areas. While sitting in the school car pickup line for about 30 minutes I will typically lose close to 40 percent of the battery and the temperature goes up to 107 ? 110 while I do nothing with my phone. My normal temp is 93 ? 95. I used one of the locale apps that tells you what cell tower number you are on and in the 30 minutes I was in the car line it connected to seven different towers switching between them all many times. The cell phone tower pinging also happens when at a football came (Bucs, Raymond James Stadium) because of the amount of people trying to use their phones. There is no possible way of making it through the six hours without the phone dying.

So my question is ? without going into airplane mode is there a way to prevent the cell tower hopping? I would rather have a constant weak signal then having the phone constantly looking for a better signal.
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