Address bar disappears in Google search app

Moo Cow

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Dec 5, 2011
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When I open Chrome and search, I see an address bar like normal. If I use that search bar, and go to and search (or just outright search in the bar), the address still shows. To copy the URL and share a link, click on it and click the copy button. Easy.

When I go to the Google search app (such as, my widget on my home screen) and search, the results I click on show up with the address bar gone and replaced by the title of the page. To copy the URL and share a link, I have to click the three dots, do "Share", and it opens up the box to send to people, or copy to clipboard. Too long and involved.

I noticed this on my new Samsung S23 Ultra phone, but I don't want to blame the phone to start when it could be an app issue. The S20 line did not have this behavior.

Any thoughts?

B. Diddy

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Mar 9, 2012
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That's normal behavior for the Google app -- it's just opening the result in the basic browser, not Chrome. You can tap the 3-dot button and select Open in Chrome to bring up the URL bar. Or, if you'd rather just open results in Chrome by default, open your Google app, tap your profile pic, then Settings>General, and turn off the toggle for "Open web pages in the app."