After recent security update from Sprint, cannot connect to Screenbeam Mini 2


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Jan 15, 2017
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So, I have been using a Screenbeam Mini 2 to cast movies and streams to a mini projector that I just bought. I've had the Screenbeam Mini 2 for about 3 weeks now and haven't had ANY problems using Quick Connect or Smart View to connect. A couple of nights ago , a new security update was sent out from Sprint, and I let it install overnight. It seems as if after I installed this security update, my Note 5 will no longer connect to the Screenbeam Mini 2. I have made sure that the Screenbeam's firmware is up to date and also the Samsung Quick Connect feature. It still will not allow me to connect to it. I have tried multiple things such as resetting my network settings back to defaults, deleting the Screenbeam from the device list and re-adding it, restarting both devices multiple times... yet still, it wont connect. I have no idea if the Security update changed some kind of setting. I know that it shouldn't be a compatibility issue because I can still connect to the Screenbeam through the configuration android app (this app is only used to configure personal settings and update firmware, you cannot use it as you would Smart View), and my buddy who also has a Note 5 (through AT&T) has the latest security update, yet he can connect his phone fine. Any help on this issue would be greatly appreciated. Id prefer not to root my phone since I have never tried it before or do not have experience doing it, but I'll accept any input you guys throw at me. Thanks in advance!