Alcatel Fierce 4 Display connector BURNT!


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Jan 26, 2017
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I was working on a customers Alcatel fierce 4 which was working fine, but had no backlight at all. Could still see the display when held in light. I powered it down and disassembled it. When I disconnected the display from the motherboard, I noticed that 2 of the prongs on the motherboard and display connecter were burnt. They were solid black, along with a little bit of burn damage around the base of the connector. The phone is only a few months old. It is cracked, however. I cleaned the display connector and the slot on the motherboard very cautiously and thoroughly. This has worked on different phones before. However when I powered this device back on, I got the normal boot up vibration, and the metroPCS sound. Still no display backlight. I turned the device around and looked for any signs of burning from the display connector, and I saw light smoke coming from it. I immediately unhitched the battery and disconnected the display, and sparks shot out of the display connector. The phone has no drop damage whatsoever except for a cracked screen. Any ide what's going on?