Always-On feature has stopped working


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Apr 26, 2011
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I love the "always on" feature of my new G7. But it has suddenly stopped working. When screen is off it is completely black. When it was working I could pick up the phone, see a photo and what the date and time are, touch the fingerprint sensor, and my screen would immediately come on with phone unlocked. Now without the "always-on" I have to pick up the phone, which I almost always do with my right hand since I'm left-handed, get my fingers around so I can press the power button without pressing the google assistant key, and then the screen comes on with the phone locked, so I have to then put my finger on the sensor to unlock it (I use fingerprint unlock, which I also love). Sometimes I can see the little photo I have on my "always on" screen come on and then go off, come on and go off, but mostly it just isn't there. Any ideas why this would happen after only a week or so of use? I've powered off, restarted, changed the settings for the always-on display, turned it off, then turned it on again, tried something other than the photo, to no avail. I once in a while works fine, but mostly it doesn't. Thanks for any help or advice.

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