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Android auto and nougat issues


AC Question

Android auto worked fine with my 2017 focus until I got nougat. Now the sync system says it is connected, but won't display auto and my phone doesn't recognize it either.

All the Ford applink apps stopped working at the same time.

I have tried removing it and re adding it. I have tried multiple cables. I have tried reinstalling the apps and doing a sync update.


New member
Jun 28, 2017
I have a Huawei mate 9 running Nougat and although I can connect to android auto, I cannot hang up calls. the hang up button on the steering wheel doesn't do anything and there is no hang up option on screen. I am able to use all functions of AA but this is really annoying. Any ideas?

Many thanks


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Sep 16, 2012
Sounds like the features of AA and/or Nougat, are more advanced than what your vehicles are capable of handling. Kinda like the maps in my in-dash GPS are not the most current and until I update them, the GPS is not completely accurate. Any way to update the system in your vehicle/s?


New member
Aug 22, 2015
Which version of Ford Sync and what phone?

I have a 2017 Focus with Sync 3 and a Samsung S8+ (AT&T) and the only prblem I have is with Spotify not working if I don't "force stop" the app before connecting to the car.

My Note 5 worked as well, but I did have to do a factory reset on that phone because Android Auto became very buggy when I installed the Nougat update.