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Android changes security settings on its own


AC Question

Hi all!

As the title says: my smartphone keeps on taking control over itself and changes the security settings and downloads stuff.

Details about the phone: it is a "no name" android 5 device (called "Aligator s5050"). The only apps I have installed myself are whatsapp and telegram. I do not use it to browse the net or ever use any "risky" things; I only call, send texts, and use the two above mentioned apps. I have unchecked "allow unknown sources" in security setting, but this box keep on getting automatically checked at random intervals. When this happens, the phone installs new apps on its own (most commonly "Parlour Girls" and "Super Locker"). I have googled the issue, but not seen anything about this specific issue. Do you have any ideas what I can do to stop it? I can imagine, without knowing, that it is some kind of function built into the operating system to download stuff and change things. But I have no idea how to fix it, if at all possible.

All the best,