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Feb 24, 2011
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If Apple would just support Flash, many more tablet shoppers would probably would go with the iPad. But they won't because they're cocky and they know what's best for you. For that reason alone, nobody should consider the iPad. But millions will. I recently converted to an android phone(Atrix) from the iPhone. IMO android OS is a better experience and that will be my choice for tablets as well.

People complain about the lack of Apps for android tablets - give it some time. Look at the growth rates in phone apps between Apple and Android. It will be less than 2 yrs before the # of android apps surpasses iPhone apps. I've written a couple iPhone apps for work. Apple charges developers $100/yr for the privilege of writing software for them. You can develop and publish for free with Android. $100 may not be much for a big firm, but how about the 14 year old teenager who has a great idea for an app? Which will he choose? Do people really think the same won't be true for tablets? This is 1st gen android tablet hardware. Do people really think they aren't go to get cheaper, with more model options?

Being 2nd to Market isn't always a bad thing. The market leader takes the risk, figures out what works, shows the world there is a market. I applaud Apple for their insights. The competition then follows, and can hit the ground running with features the market demands, and their own novel (and sometimes game-changing) improvements.

Android devices have been STRONG 2nd entrants in the smart phone market. The tablets, while pricey right now, are also strong spec-wise. The future is bright for Android tablets. Those who have purchased Xooms, kudos to you. Those on the fence between iPad and Android - who do you want to support in this war? A company that tells you what you want, and you'll like it - or a platform that is open and offers choice? History is repeating itself my friends. We've seen this show already folks, PC vs. Apple, and Apple lost.

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