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Hi all,

I was wondering if I could please ask some advice.

This morning I received a MMS video message on my phone from an unknown number, I opened the message but once I seen it was a video I deleted it without playing the video because I didn't recognise the senders' number.

I mentioned it to a friend who is a bit more tech savvy than me and he said that it was very dangerous and that there is a flaw with Android phones that allows malicious viruses/malware to be distributed by MMS message and that I should factory reset my phone and change my passwords etc.

Unfortunately the default setting in my phone's messaging app is to automatically download/retrieve MMS messages, so this message was downloaded to my phone, I have since changed that setting.

Factory resetting my phone is not something that I want to do because it will be VERY time consuming to get my phone back to how it is now and backup all my data etc. so I was wondering if anyone could provide advice as to whether my phone would be at risk or not.

My phone is a Samsung Galaxy S10+ and has the latest security patch installed (July 2019).

Would my phone be at risk or am I worrying for nothing?

Thanks for any help I'm a bit stressed about it!


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Feb 5, 2018
If you tap on a link or attachment without knowing the source, Android, Apple and MS can't help you.
Pretend it's a computer. Would you click on a spam link in your mailbox?
Me neither.


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Feb 23, 2011
There was a vulnerability that allowed an attack like this year's ago, but it's been patched and your phone would've had that fix out of the box. So unless someone found a new vulnerability (which would be big news, and I haven't heard of it), you are likely fine.

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