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Apr 27, 2010
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Hey everyone, dunno where exactly i should post this but here we go. I was just curious, being i dont know all the ins n outs of software development/carrier politics, etc, etc. But with the recent talk of googles acquisition of Motorola and possibly developing their own hardware, therefore pissing off htc, sammy, lg, asus etc, and the fallout being that those oems would leave android all together.
How possible is that? Would they really abandon android and strictly go windows phones? Because there is only two real viable markets, iTunes and google play.
There's no way they can create their own new and profitable os app store right?
Just random thoughts on the things im hearing why google cant produce their own hardware. Thx for listening

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Nov 29, 2010
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1st off, google said they would leave Motorola alone and independent. Now I do not really buy that statement 100% BUT there is no way that Google tries to cut out any other manufacturers at this point. They are making too much money, the OEMs are making money and the carriers are making money. That is all that matters right?

Bottom line is they are not leaving android anytime soon.

Also, in the news recently speculation arose that the next nexus is going to be made by all the carriers, not just one. If that isnt an olive branch I do not know what is.

Google can make their own hardware, but why? They are good at software, the OEMs are good at hardware no reason to try to be something you arent

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