Android phone audio not playing fully


AC Question

I have a Samsung galaxy s7 and when I connect my phone via aux cable to any speaker system, one side comes out very quiet and the other a muted but "normal" sound.
I say muted cause I have to max out my phone's media volume and my device's volume to hear it well, again dominantly on one side.

I have tweeted phone setting I can think of, gone through several different cords and devices, but to no avail...

Please help? I can't find anything online like my problem.


Apr 27, 2017
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Try settings
Sounds and notifications.

Applications permission

Say for example you can't hear YouTube
Go to settings
Application manager
Go to permission
Make sure you give permission for audio in my case when it happened I needed to give permission for I believe it was microphone.
Once I allowed it, It worked.
I always allow all permission for everything on every application to avoid faux pas like this from occurring.
Good luck