Android Phones Below $450 with stuff on list?


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Jan 3, 2017
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Hey All :)

[*ADVICE NEEDED Please – Android Phones Below $450*] But may also consider a cheaper 16GB phone between $150-$315.

I'm hoping for a HQ phone at a lower price if possible. I don't need a super exxy phone as I have a PC at home, I do my 'proper' intensive games on that etc. (NOTE - I've drastically re-edited this post)

I'm looking for something similar to the phones below; [*BUT with the things on the list below!*] (and not too exxy)

Something like: Samsung Galaxy S5/6, Asus Zenfone 3, Oppo R9 Plus, Xperia Z3 or ZA for cheaper one.

[*I really want it to include:*]
4G Phone, 2-6GB RAM, ≥32GB/≥64GB, ≥6MP
16/9 Aspect, ≥720x1280 / ≥1080x1920, ≥2500mAh
Android ≥4, upgradeable at least to 6/7
Front Camera also
Gyro + similar sensors for VR esp, maybe Steam games etc
Wi-Fi 802.11ac, dual-band, DLNA,etc
Bluetooth ≥4
Headphone Jack
Buttons on side for Volume for BOTH Up & Down (easy to use in pocket)
Speakerphone (loud)

[*I would REALLY like it to have NFC*] - but might have to skip it as it's hard to get it in a lot of phones I like :(

[*Optional extras that would be nice*]
Qi - work with wireless charging pad
IP67/IP68 Water/Dust resistant/proof
FM Radio
USB OTG - On The Go
Dual Sim
Newer rather than older phone would help
Newer Android; 6 or 5 would be nicer

I was leaning towards a reliable big name brand; but I'm open to suggestions if their popular/good – so what's good in that price range?

Cheers guys :)