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Apr 1, 2010
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Hi, new guy here with a couple questions. As a current Blackberry user, my first berry being a Curve 8330 now with a Storm 9530, I must say that I do love BB. However, as Ive kept up with Googles Android OS from Day 1, I must say that this operating system looks absolutely phenomenal. Now onto the predicament/question: having had the Curve and now the Storm1, I must say that with being a texting addict, I just about cant stand full touchscreen devices. That said, I was wondering if there is any news/rumors/info on Android releasing a phone with a physical keyboard again. I do know that the Droid has the physical 'board but I also know that it doesnt seem they put a lot of thought into it and therefore almost more of a nuisance. If they were to produce a physical keyboard device (for VZW, hoping for a form factor like the BB 'boards) I would probably all but switch. If there is any information or suggestions they would be greatly appreciated.

Also, for those current Android users previous BB users, one major thing that is keeping me with BB is BBM. The question is, are you missing this feature now that you are on Android? Thanks in advance for the comments.


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Nov 2, 2009
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I'm guessing the Droid2 will have a physical keyboard and hopefully it will be better then the first besides that I have no idea.

I missed BBM for a week or 2 then just forgot about it, I did love all my BB but after using the Droid I will never go back unless they make some huge changes in their OS.

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