AndroidCentral Finds 21 New US Flagship Phones in August!


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May 25, 2010
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In August 2011 alone Android Central posted over 600 articles! Included were stories about 21 new flagship phones expected to be coming to the US.

The average size of the new US flagship phones was 4.46"! The phone makers and carriers certainly are hearing the consumers' cry for bigger screens. Here are the 21 phones rumored, announced or leaked in August:
5.3" Samsung Galaxy Note
4.8" Acer Iconia Smart
4.7" HTC Runnymede with Beats Audio
4.5" T-Mobile Galaxy S II
4.5" Sprint Epic 4G Touch
4.5" Samsung Droid Prime
4.5" HTC Holiday
4.5" Samsung Celox
4.5" Samsung Hercules
4.5" Motorola Droid HD
4.5" LG Revolution 2
4.3" Samsung Galaxy S II LTE
4.3" AT&T's Galaxy S II
4.3" Samsung Impulse 4G
4.3 Motorola Droid Bionic
4.3" HTC Amaze
4.3" LG Thrill 4G
4.3" Motorola Photon
4.3" Samsung Gravity Smart
4.3" HTC Vigor 720p
4.3" Samsung Stratosphere

In addition, Android Central had the goods on four mid and low range phones expected in the US as well:
4.1" Motorola Triumph
4.0" Pantech Breakout
3.5" Samsung Conquer
3.2" HTC Bliss

Android Central also had the inside track on 12 phones expect in other regions including the LG Optimus 3D, White Samsung Galaxy S II, Samsung Galaxy R, Sony Xperia Arc S, Motorola Triumph, HTC Stunning, LG Optimus Sol, Samsung Galaxy W, Sony Xperia Neo V, Motorola Defy+, Huawei Vision, and the Motorola Fire.

If you are counting that is 37 new Android phones in August. Historically, September and October are much bigger months for new phone announcements so this is shaping up to be quite the HD holiday season.

In late September, Apple is expect to announce that they too have heard the consumers demand for 4.3" and bigger phones and so will release a 3.7" phone.
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May 25, 2010
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How can there be 21 flagship devices between 4 carriers? Can't we just call them new phones?
The flagship phone is just a manufacturer's top phone. Because of the ridiculous nature of the US market, each carrier, want's it own branding and unique features on each phone.

As the manufacturers get better, each manufacturer: Acer, HTC, LG, Motorola, Samsung, and Sony

Will have a flagship phone for each major US carrier: AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon.

So there need to be 6 makers x 4 carriers = 24 flagship phones in each size. Flagship phones currently are only released at the largest two or three sizes so going into next year we will see 4.5", 4.7/4.8", and a 5" flagship for each, meaning 72 flagship phones just for the US.
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