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I've had a WDTV Media Player for several years now, and a different, older one for a few years before that. In both cases what excellent purpose they served was to provide shortcuts to files on folders on an external device, in this case, a 3TB WD Passport portable. The WDTV player works beautifully and allowed me to few all my movies and TV files using a very easy to maintain "home screen" where one could put files and folders of choice, like bookmarks or shorcuts. Easy to maintain and allowed anyone in my family a headache-free, easy way viewing experience.

I purchased an Android Box hoping to get a replacement suitable for the WD for the day when it no longer worked. So far, nearly 2 weeks and it's been great. I'm very happy with it except for one thing. It's an Android Box so it works very much like a smartphone but doesn't give easy access to media files.

I've dl and tried various launchers hoping that they wouldn't be just app launchers for my new Android Box, but it seems that that's all they are. They'll launch apps but not folders and files, it seems (as far as I can see).

And the file navigation in MX Player and VLC just don't cut it for file navigation ease, which would be a 2nd, less desirable way to navigate one's external drive. But they all predominantly use messy file navigation so common on Android (which could be fixed if those apps allowed one's own preferred file manager to navigate, but they don't).

So had to come here ... Does anyone know of a launcher of some kind that handles external, offline files that gives a nice, easy, filed interface that could be customized by even the most inexperienced user? Once I find something I like, I need to do the same for a couple of other boxes that family and friends have.

Thank you in advance!

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