Anyone else have their LG G4 not work with the factory charger and cable?


Jul 24, 2015
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This is a really wierd one: I just bought a G4 yesterday. I had it charged from being connected either via PC or a spare charger while performing all the work I did on de-bloating, transferring files, etc, but as I have always done, I plugged it in at the nightstand next to my bed before going to sleep and the phone told me it was not compatible with the charger and charging would be disabled to protect the phone (this was with the cable and charger provided with the phone, not some generic one!)
So I did some troubleshooting and found:
The cable and charger combo worked fine with my old phone (an HTC Rezound.) The cable worked fine with the G4 when plugged into my Rezound's charger. The LG charger worked fine when using a generic cable.
Is there some special feature of this cable and charger combo (like fastcharging) that might be malfunctioning due to me disabling what appeared to be bloatware apps? If not that any other ideas?


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Jun 7, 2015
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Mine just did this again this morning. The LG cable was not fully pushed into the charger. I'd suspect a connection issue before something with software.