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Jun 16, 2011
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...still running it unRooted? As much as I'd love to root it, so far, I have no issues. I did take note of the the loose battery problem in the first post, and implemented the fix described. For now, I haven't activated my phone yet. I'll do it on Monday, when my current monthly period expires. Yep, $10 more a month, but worth it! :)

Most (if not all) of the programs I have on my rooted LG Optimus V fit nicely on the Rise. I have about 550 MB of internal storage left, with all caches cleared. Only a few have force closed, and all of those are games. Not a big deal for me. It's so nice to finally run Spartacus Rex's Terminal IDE... okay I did try that on my V, but it was buggy there.

Just having more fluidity in reading tasks is awesome. I read several PDF magazines on the phone, and it runs as fast as most tablets. While the screen res is the same as the V, it's a more pleasant screen to look at, partly because of the 0.3 inch in extra diagonal length of the screen. The screen itself is very sensitive (sometimes too sensitive), and is easy to type on, especially with Swype installed. I don't actually swipe, I just happen to prefer that keyboard over the standard one. Of course, the physical keyboard is great if you do a lot of typing, aside from making tweets and TXTs. Great phone, if you use some office apps because of having that.

Not to mention the faster bootup time, and it's actually fine for most games. I noticed that some Kyocera Rise video reviews had lag problems with games, but I haven't come across any problems with mine. I've tested Bad Piggies, Raging Thunder and Real Soccer 2012. The soccer one does slow down a bit, but is playable.

So... anyone else out there happy with the way it is out of the box?

If there is enough support, I'd certainly throw at least a few bucks to any dev willing to make a ROM/Kernel combo for this phone, especially if it's based on JellyBean. I honestly don't think I'll need another flavor of ICS for the moment. cole2kb's recent dealings with Kyocera does have me concerned, however. I hope Kyocera can change their stance on independent rooting efforts, as some devs would like to develop stuff for this phone. And yes, if that means losing the warranty, that's fine. Those of us with rooted phones have for the most part succeeded with flashing our phones.


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Apr 7, 2011
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It doesn't seem to be Kyocera who wants to stop development, it's virgin.

I had my phone rooted but that was for development purposes. I don't have much reason to root otherwise. It won't increase performance or anything and I never tried any of the many "universal" scripts available to speed things up so I have no idea how the Rise would react to them, especially any apps2sd scripts.

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