AOD power save using MORE power??

Gene 3

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Nov 27, 2022
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I recently got a Samsung Watch 4 Classic 46mm on a black friday special and I'm enjoying it. Though the battery seems quite unforgiving compared to my last smart watch. But I just charge when I'm in the shower daily and that seems for the most part good enough.

I like being able to see the time at a glance throughout the day. So I keep my AOD "on" all the time. I have a very simple watch face that just shows numbers for time/date/battery/weather/heart. No fancy animations or anything. I chose a font of dark tan-orange on black background which I really like (and uses less power than a brighter font). However after 15 seconds the phone goes into what I suspect is a "power saver" mode on the watch face. It switches the font to bright white on a black background which is actually brighter than my font. So I suspect the shifting to this bright white is using more power than my tan font? Is there a way to set the font color of my watch face for when it switched to this power save watch face (not sure what this mode is called)? Thanks for any advice.

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