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Jun 12, 2012
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Hey all,

First post here, but we've been around webOS community for a while - and I'd like to introduce our app, Flixi, which coming now to Android from that side of the world. Flixi is an "informational" app, meant to show all kinds of useful things while your tablet sits idle and/or charging. I'd say Flixi clocked thousands of hours of running for some users ;)

Flixi works by letting you chose from a number of layouts, 18 to be exact - 50/50 split screen, 4 quads, 3 columns, narrow/wide strips, etc. You then pick which widgets go into those layouts - and we have a selection of Twitter feeds, Facebook, Flickr gallery, RSS feeds, weather, date and clock, or Google Calendar. Each widget has a bunch of options letting you to configure the screen to your liking - and if you run out of space, you can create several screens and quickly switch between then (I have two configured - Flicker/Clock, and Twitter/News screens).

This is a tablet only app, running on Android 2.3.3+.

Google Play link - and it's on 66% intro sale!

(we are working on getting the latest version of the app approved in Amazon's appstore)

A couple of screenshots:



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Any feedback is appreciated :)

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