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Apps Safe to Remove from Samsung Galaxy S3 (Sprint Version, Stock Rooted)


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Jan 18, 2011
We have very similar uses/needs from our devices. This list helps.
When you freeze them in Titanium Backup, do you use the 'ICS friendly freezing method' option in settings?

I don't see that option in Preferences. Regardless, I just used whatever the default is.

On that note: Still no issues here with all those apps frozen!


Mar 8, 2013
So I'd like to know more information on these and why you chose to remove them:

AVrcpServiceSamsung 4.1.1-L710VPBLJ7
CapabilityManagerService 2.4.0
ChocoEukor 1.0
com.samsung.app.playreadyui 1.0.0
com.samsung.InputEventApp 1.0.0
com.sec.android.app.wfdbroker 1.0.0
Downloads 4.1.1-L710VPBLJ7
DRM Protected Content Storage 4.1.1-L710VPBLJ7
Enterprise SysScope Service 4.1.1-L710VPBLJ7
Enterprise VPS Services 4.1.1-L710VPBLJ7
Enterprise Permissions 1.0
Face Unlock 4.1.1-438695
Flipboard 1.9.6
FWUpgrade 1.2.0 (Upgrade client for AllShare app)
Helv Neue S 1.0
MAPServiceSamsung 4.1.1-L710VPBLJ7
Media Hub 1.6.0(LI0D, 1107480)
More Services 1.0
Music Hub 30.2012.10.01.22
Nfc Service 4.1.1-L710VPBLJ7
NFC Test 1.0.0
OmaDrmPopup 1.0
Phase beam 1.0
Remote Controls 4.30
RoseEUKor 1.0
Samsung account 1.3.019
Samsung Apps 2.8.026
Samsung Backup 1.0
Samsung Backup Provider 1.1
Samsung Push Service 1.1.2
Samsung SMemo SyncAdapter 1.0
Samsung Syncadapters 2.1.5
Samsung TTS
SamsungAppsUNA2 2.0.35
Setup Wizard 1.3
ShareShotService 1.0
SIM Toolkiet 4.1.1-L710VPBLJ7
Smart Device Manager 3.3.2
SmartcardService 2.3.2
SNS 1.1.0
Sprint Zone 4.1.14
Stock Daemon(EUR) 120917.01
SysScope 1.1.15
Tags 1.1
Try panning 1.0
USB settings 1.0 (Kies.apk)
VPN Client 2.6.1
VpnDialogs 4.1.1-L710VPBLJ7
Wi-Fi Direct 1.0
Wi-Fi Direct share 1.0

Also, which apps are responsible for doing software upgrade notifications, which we cannot accept because we're rooted and such?

-- Andy


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Jan 18, 2011
Here's my list of apps I've had frozen for the past two months. Yes, I have not removed them. I simply froze them using Titanium Backup. And so far so good!

The only one I've ever had to "defrost" was the one time I was messing around with the alarm clock's "briefing" function. I had to temporarily defrost the text-to-speech "Samsung TTS (com.samsung.SMT)", otherwise the phone wouldn't be able to talk.

Tip -- The way I was able to export this list, was by doing the following in Titanium Backup: Backup/Restore > Click to edit filters > Filter by temperature: Frozen > (check mark) > Menu button > Send data... > List of all apps > Gmail. Then I emailed it to myself. Good list to keep handy in case I ever make changes.

My updated list as of December 1112, 2013 for Android 4.3 Stock ROM (also known as "MK3" update):

1. AllShare ControlShare Service 1.0.0 (com.sec.android.allshare.service.controlshare)
2. AllShare FileShare Service 1.4r476 (com.sec.android.allshare.service.fileshare)
3. Backup 2.5.8 (com.sec.android.sCloudBackupApp)
4. Bluetooth share 4.3-L710VPUCMK3 (com.android.bluetooth) Removed from list as it's needed for turning Bluetooth ON/OFF.
5. Bubbles 1.0 (com.android.noisefield)
6. Calendar widget 1.0 (com.sec.android.widgetapp.SPlannerAppWidget)
7. CapabilityManagerService 2.4.0 (com.sec.android.service.cm)
8. ChatON 3.2.115 (com.sec.chaton)
9. Clock (funky) 1.0 (com.sec.android.widgetapp.analogclockunique)
10. Clock (modern) 1.0 (com.sec.android.widgetapp.analogclocksimple)
11. com.samsung.InputEventApp 1.0.0 (com.samsung.InputEventApp)
12. com.sec.android.app.wfdbroker 1.0.0 (com.sec.android.app.wfdbroker)
13. Deep sea 1.0 (com.samsung.android.livewallpaper.deepsea)
14. DirectShareManager 2.0.3 (com.sec.android.directshare)
15. DRM Protected Content Storage 4.3-L710VPUCMK3 (com.android.providers.drm)
16. Dual Clock (analog) 1.0 (com.sec.android.widgetapp.dualclockanalog)
17. Email 4.2 (com.android.email)
18. EnterprisePermissions 1.0 (com.sec.enterprise.permissions)
19. EpsonPrintService 1.0.0 (com.epson.mobilephone.samsungprintservice)
20. Exchange services 4.2 (com.android.exchange)
21. Face Unlock 4.3-757479 (com.android.facelock)
22. Favorite Apps 1.0 (com.sec.android.SimpleWidget)
23. Favorite Apps 1.0 (com.sec.android.favoriteappwidget)
24. Favorite Contacts 1.1 (com.sec.android.widgetapp.favoriteswidget)
25. Flipboard 2.1.3 (flipboard.app)
26. FWUpgrade 1.2.0 (com.sec.android.fwupgrade)
27. Game Hub A.01.063001G (com.sec.android.app.gamehub)
28. Google Bookmarks Sync 4.3-757479 (com.google.android.syncadapters.bookmarks)
29. Google Play Books 3.0.15 (com.google.android.apps.books)
30. Google Play Games 1.1.04 (794842-30) (com.google.android.play.games)
31. Google Play Movies & TV 3.0.25 (com.google.android.videos)
32. Google Play Music 5.3.1316M.934206 (com.google.android.music)
33. Google Play Newsstand 3.0.0 (com.google.android.apps.magazines)
34. Google Search 1.0 (android.googleSearch.googleSearchWidget)
35. Google+ (com.google.android.apps.plus)
36. Group Play 2.5.199 (com.samsung.groupcast)
37. Hangouts 2.0.216 (939144-30) (com.google.android.talk)
38. Help 1.0 (com.samsung.helphub)
39. HTML Viewer 4.3-L710VPUCMK3 (com.android.htmlviewer)
40. Internet 4.3-L710VPUCMK3 (com.android.browser)
41. Luminous dots 1.0 (com.samsung.android.livewallpaper.luminousdots)
42. Market Feedback Agent 4.3-757479 (com.google.android.feedback)
43. Media Hub 1.7.0(MI4, 1420747) (com.samsung.mediahub)
44. Mobile print 3.0 (com.sec.android.app.mobileprint)
45. More Services 1.0 (com.sec.android.app.moreservices)
46. Music 6.0.1 (com.sec.android.app.music)
47. Music Hub 31.2013.07.16.05 (com.samsung.music)
48. MusicFX 1.4 (com.android.musicfx)
49. My Files 1.0.0 (com.sec.android.app.myfiles)
50. News Daemon(EUR) 130923.01 (com.sec.android.daemonapp.ap.yahoonews)
51. PageBuddyNotiSvc 1.0 (com.sec.android.pagebuddynotisvc)
52. Remote Controls 4.44 (com.sec.pcw.device)
53. RoseEUKor 1.0 (com.monotype.android.font.rosemary)
54. S Memo (com.sec.android.widgetapp.diotek.smemo)
55. S Memo (com.sec.android.provider.smemo)
56. S Suggest 3.3.37 (com.tgrape.android.radar)
57. Samsung account 1.4.0369 (com.osp.app.signin)
58. Samsung Apps 13102504.10.033.0 (com.sec.android.app.samsungapps)
59. Samsung Backup Provider 1.8 (com.sec.android.sCloudBackupProvider)
60. Samsung Browser SyncAdapter 1.2 (com.sec.android.sCloudSyncBrowser)
61. Samsung Calendar SyncAdapter 1.2 (com.sec.android.sCloudSyncCalendar)
62. Samsung Cloud Data Relay 3.03.006 (com.sec.android.sCloudRelayData)
63. Samsung Cloud Quota 1.3.6 (com.sec.android.scloud.quota)
64. Samsung Contact SyncAdapter 1.2 (com.sec.android.sCloudSyncContacts)
65. Samsung keyboard 4.0 (com.sec.android.inputmethod)
66. Samsung Link 1.8.1029 (com.sec.pcw)
67. Samsung Push Service (com.sec.spp.push)
68. Samsung SMemo SyncAdapter 1.2 (com.sec.android.sCloudSyncSMemo)
69. Samsung Syncadapters 3.3.7 (com.sec.android.sCloudSync)
70. SamsungAppsUNA2 2.1.02 (com.sec.android.app.samsungapps.una2)
71. Sensitivity test 1.0 (com.sec.android.motions.settings.panningtutorial)
72. Setup Wizard 1.3 (com.google.android.setupwizard)
73. Share music 2.1.0 (com.sec.android.app.mediasync)
74. ShareShotService 1.0 (com.samsung.shareshot)
75. SIM Toolkit 4.3-L710VPUCMK3 (com.android.stk)
76. Simple Alarm Clock 1.0 (com.sec.android.widgetapp.alarmclock)
77. Smart Device Manager 3.3.6 (com.locationlabs.v3client)
78. SmartcardService 3.0.0 (org.simalliance.openmobileapi.service)
79. SNS 1.2.0 (com.sec.android.app.sns3)
80. Sprint Connections Optimizer 1.4.686 (com.birdstep.android.cm)
81. Sprint Installer 2.5.1 (com.sprint.ce.updater)
82. Sprint Zone 4.5.42 (com.sprint.zone)
83. Stock Daemon(EUR) 130923.01 (com.sec.android.daemonapp.ap.yahoostock.stockclock)
84. SysScope 1.2.35jppc (com.sec.android.app.sysscope)
85. Tags 1.1 (com.android.apps.tag)
86. TalkBack 3.5.0 (com.google.android.marvin.talkback)
87. USB settings 1.0 (com.sec.android.Kies)
88. VPN Client 2.6.1 (com.ipsec.vpnclient)
89. VpnDialogs 4.3-L710VPUCMK3 (com.android.vpndialogs)
90. Wallet 2.0-R141-v14-RELEASE (com.google.android.apps.walletnfcrel)
91. Wi-Fi Direct 2.0.0 (com.sec.android.app.FileShareClient)
92. Wi-Fi Direct share 2.0.0 (com.sec.android.app.FileShareServer)
93. Windy weather 1.0 (com.sec.ccl.csp.app.secretwallpaper.themetwo)
94. Yahoo! Finance 130923.01 (com.sec.android.widgetapp.ap.yahoostock.stockclock)
95. Yahoo! News (com.sec.android.widgetapp.ap.yahoonews)
96. AllShare Cast 1.0 (com.sec.android.widgetapp.allsharecast)
97. AllShare Service 1.0.0 (com.sec.android.allshare.framework)
98. AvrcpServiceSamsung 4.1.1-L710VPBLJ7 (com.samsung.avrcp)
99. com.samsung.app.playreadyui 1.0.0 (com.samsung.app.playreadyui)
100. ContextAwareService 4.1.1-L710VPBLJ7 (com.sec.android.contextaware)
101. Enterprise SysScope Service 4.1.1-L710VPBLJ7 (com.android.server.device.enterprise)
102. Enterprise VPN Services 4.1.1-L710VPBLJ7 (com.android.server.vpn.enterprise)
103. Helv Neue S 1.0 (com.monotype.android.font.helvneuelt)
104. Kies Air 2.2.211081 (com.samsung.swift.app.kiesair)
105. MAPServiceSamsung 4.1.1-L710VPBLJ7 (com.samsung.map)
106. OmaDrmPopup 1.0 (com.sec.android.drmpopup)
107. PickupTutorial 4.1.1-L710VPBLJ7 (com.android.pickuptutorial)
108. SASlideShow 1.0 (com.sec.android.saslideshow)
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Jul 22, 2013
I deleted fwupdate.apk from my galaxy s3 to avoid the constant update reminders. I am stock rooted and now want to update to the latest 4.3. I tried updating manually in download mode and it gives me an error and lists the fwupdate.apk as the problem. Does anyone know where I can get this file? I also tried to update in the phone settings, but it just hangs saying rebooting, but it never reboots. Any help would be appreciated. thanks


Sep 4, 2009
I can extract the apk from the 4.3 ROM, but whether that will work on a 4.1.2 ROM I don't know. Anyone with a rooted 4.1.2 ROM should be able to copy it out of system/apps and email it.


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Jan 3, 2014
ok dummy here....I want to delete things that are not needed or used on my phone like Samsung that is always wanting me to update it & I continually have to hit deny. I use facebook, instagram, picture editing, and I do not want anything to mess up sooo with that said PLEASE tell me in "DUMMY" language how to get the following off my cell IF POSSIBLE: Chaton, allshare cast dongle s/w update, hangouts, hp print service plugin, kies air, Samsung link, Samsung print, Samsung push, scloudstarter?, wallet, OK so what can I get rid of SAFELY I don't use that mess nor know anything about it. I do love swiping and sending pictures & video's to family & friends via, e-mail, text, facebook, instagram. I use my clock & alarms also. Not sure what is up but after an update on my cell it NOW turns black & takes FOREVER to come back so That I can unlock it & use it. It keeps downloading 2 items OVER & OVER I have open it & deleted it but every day it does it over & over. it says SD card removed, insert another it has said that a week after getting my phone AND there IS in fact a sd card in it. I just NEED HELP lol
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Joseph Lowndes

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Feb 19, 2014
yo dont listen to some of these..
you need your wifi direct and other wifi ones. you need contact storage the advice she gives sucks. if it sounds important dont erase. but alot of the sprint/ verizon apps you can remove. but like I said dont remove if it sounds important.. like system process. or google yea google runs in the background well worce stop it. rooting isa good tool. make sure you have someone that knows what there doing work on your stuff for your Android. if it's your first time definitely don't attempt it on your own phone. because most likely you're going to mess up and you don't have don't have to buy a new phone.


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Jun 27, 2011
There is a recovery flashable tool bilgerryan over at XDA made to remove all Knox Apps and much of the BloatWare that comes with stock MK3 & ND8. Yes, this works on both MK3 and ND8 Odexed and DeOdexed.

ALL the credit goes to bilgerryan as I am just passing the info along.

Here's the link to the thread:

[ND8][MK3] DeBloatifier/DeKnoxer - xda-developers

Below is the list of bloatware it will remove.The list can be edited with the explanation in the thread. editing the script will allow you to add or subtract apps to be removed.

As you'll see the list in the OP (and other post's) is longer but this list is a good start... Add or subtract :D

Read the whole thread (it's not very long) and Be sure to hit his thanks button for this awesome effort.



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Jan 18, 2011
There is a recovery flashable tool bilgerryan over at XDA made to remove all Knox Apps and much of the BloatWare that comes with stock MK3 & ND8. Yes, this works on both MK3 and ND8 Odexed and DeOdexed.

ALL the credit goes to bilgerryan as I am just passing the info along.

This is nice, but I'd much rather freeeze apps than remove them, because I never know if I would need them. Defrosting apps is quick and painless in Titanium Backup.

That said, here is my current list of frozen apps now that I am on ND8 (Android 4.4.2) on my Sprint Galaxy S3:

1. AllShare Cast Dongle S/W Update 1.2.3717 (com.sec.android.fwupgrade)
2. AllShare ControlShare Service 1.0.0 (com.sec.android.allshare.service.controlshare)
3. AllShare FileShare Service 2.1 (com.sec.android.allshare.service.fileshare)
4. Bubbles 1.0 (com.android.noisefield)
5. Calendar widget 1.0 (com.sec.android.widgetapp.SPlannerAppWidget)
6. CapabilityManagerService 2.4.0 (com.sec.android.service.cm)
7. ChatON 3.5.701 (com.sec.chaton)
8. Clock (funky) 1.0 (com.sec.android.widgetapp.analogclockunique)
9. Clock (modern) 1.0 (com.sec.android.widgetapp.analogclocksimple)
10. com.samsung.InputEventApp 1.0.0 (com.samsung.InputEventApp)
11. com.sec.android.app.wfdbroker 1.0.0 (com.sec.android.app.wfdbroker)
12. Currents 2.3.0 (com.google.android.apps.currents)
13. Deep sea 1.0 (com.samsung.android.livewallpaper.deepsea)
14. DirectShareManager 2.0.3 (com.sec.android.directshare)
15. Dual Clock (analog) 1.0 (com.sec.android.widgetapp.dualclockanalog)
16. Email (com.android.email)
17. EnterprisePermissions 1.0 (com.sec.enterprise.permissions)
18. EpsonPrintService 1.0.0 (com.epson.mobilephone.samsungprintservice)
19. Exchange services (com.android.exchange)
20. Face Unlock 4.4.2-940549 (com.android.facelock)
21. Favorite Apps 1.0 (com.sec.android.SimpleWidget)
22. Favorite Apps 1.0 (com.sec.android.favoriteappwidget)
23. Favorite Contacts 1.1 (com.sec.android.widgetapp.favoriteswidget)
24. Google Bookmarks Sync 4.4-927798 (com.google.android.syncadapters.bookmarks)
25. Google Play Books 3.1.33 (com.google.android.apps.books)
26. Google Play Games 1.6.07 (1129543-36) (com.google.android.play.games)
27. Google Play Movies & TV 3.1.22 (com.google.android.videos)
28. Google Play Music 5.5.1511O.1148372 (com.google.android.music)
29. Google Play Newsstand 3.2.0 (com.google.android.apps.magazines)
30. Google Search 1.0 (android.googleSearch.googleSearchWidget)
31. Google+ (com.google.android.apps.plus)
32. Group Play 2.5.299 (com.samsung.groupcast)
33. Hangouts 2.1.100 (1151589-30) (com.google.android.talk)
34. Help 1.0 (com.samsung.helphub)
35. HTML Viewer 4.4.2-L710VPUDND8 (com.android.htmlviewer)
36. Internet 4.4.2-L710VPUDND8 (com.android.browser)
37. KLMS Agent 2.2.113 (com.samsung.klmsagent)
38. Knox Notification Manager 2.0 (com.sec.knox.seandroid)
39. KNOX Store 1.0 (com.sec.knox.store)
40. Knox VPN Services 1.3 (com.sec.enterprise.app.knoxvpn)
41. Luminous dots 1.0 (com.samsung.android.livewallpaper.luminousdots)
42. Market Feedback Agent 4.4.2-940549 (com.google.android.feedback)
43. Mobile print 3.0 (com.sec.android.app.mobileprint)
44. More Services 1.0 (com.sec.android.app.moreservices)
45. Multimedia UI Service Layer 1.8 (com.sec.android.mmapp)
46. Music 6.0.1 (com.sec.android.app.music)
47. MusicFX 1.4 (com.android.musicfx)
48. My Files 1.0.0 (com.sec.android.app.myfiles)
49. News Daemon(EUR) 140306.01 (com.sec.android.daemonapp.ap.yahoonews)
50. PageBuddyNotiSvc 1.0 (com.sec.android.pagebuddynotisvc)
51. Paper Artist 1.4.45 (com.dama.paperartist)
52. Remote Controls 4.69 (com.sec.pcw.device)
53. S Memo (com.sec.android.widgetapp.diotek.smemo)
54. S Memo (com.sec.android.provider.smemo)
55. S Suggest 3.3.48 (com.tgrape.android.radar)
56. Samsung Apps 14040104.21.008.0 (com.sec.android.app.samsungapps)
57. Samsung Hub 14031102.1.30.01 (com.sec.everglades)
58. Samsung keyboard 4.0 (com.sec.android.inputmethod)
59. Samsung KNOX 3.0 (com.sec.knox.containeragent)
60. Samsung Link 1.8.1609 (com.sec.pcw)
61. Samsung Print Service Plugin 1.4.140401 (com.sec.app.samsungprintservice)
62. SamsungAppsUNA2 2.1.02 (com.sec.android.app.samsungapps.una2)
63. SamsungHub Updater 14031101.1.30.01 (com.sec.everglades.update)
64. Self Service SZ_5.1.00 (com.sprint.dsa)
65. Sensitivity test 1.0 (com.sec.android.motions.settings.panningtutorial)
66. Setup Wizard 1.3 (com.google.android.setupwizard)
67. Share music 2.2.0 (com.sec.android.app.mediasync)
68. ShareShotService 1.0 (com.samsung.shareshot)
69. SIM Toolkit 4.4.2-L710VPUDND8 (com.android.stk)
70. Simple Alarm Clock 1.0 (com.sec.android.widgetapp.alarmclock)
71. SmartcardService 3.1.0 (org.simalliance.openmobileapi.service)
72. SNS 1.2.0 (com.sec.android.app.sns3)
73. Sprint Connections Optimizer 1.4.835 (com.birdstep.android.cm)
74. Sprint Installer 2.5.1 (com.sprint.ce.updater)
75. Sprint Zone 4.6.58 (com.sprint.zone)
76. Stock Daemon(EUR) 130923.01 (com.sec.android.daemonapp.ap.yahoostock.stockclock)
77. SysScope 1.2.42kc (com.sec.android.app.sysscope)
78. Tags 1.1 (com.android.apps.tag)
79. TalkBack 3.5.1 (com.google.android.marvin.talkback)
80. USB settings 1.0 (com.sec.android.Kies)
81. VPN Client 3.0.2 (com.ipsec.vpnclient)
82. VpnDialogs 4.4.2-L710VPUDND8 (com.android.vpndialogs)
83. Wallet 2.0-R163-v18-RELEASE (com.google.android.apps.walletnfcrel)
84. Wi-Fi Direct 2.1 (com.sec.android.app.FileShareClient)
85. Wi-Fi Direct share 2.1 (com.sec.android.app.FileShareServer)
86. Windy weather 1.0 (com.sec.ccl.csp.app.secretwallpaper.themetwo)
87. Yahoo! Finance 140304.01 (com.sec.android.widgetapp.ap.yahoostock.stockclock)
88. Yahoo! News (com.sec.android.widgetapp.ap.yahoonews)​

Note: I do have to defrost some of the Samsung apps when I want to make changes to my Galaxy Gear watch.


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Oct 9, 2014
What if not rooted? I removed something last week and all my icons disappeared only to have to rearrange. What a pain. Any ideas?


Apr 30, 2012
What if not rooted? I removed something last week and all my icons disappeared only to have to rearrange. What a pain. Any ideas?
Getting rooted is your only option.

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pgellen Anderson

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Oct 23, 2015
So, Vegas girl, i have been to Vegas many times after living right up the street in St. George UT. Your posted picture is fitting for a Vegas girl. however what i need though is your help. i used your list to clean out my phone, Im an old command line dos computer builder and i don't want to be told that all my memory has to be hogged by a bunch of crap.i fell asleep and i think i only deleted one wrong file which was "bluetoothshare." i lost s beam,nearby devices but most of all i lost my Bluetooth functions and that hurts. i do the same things as you with my phone, music, gmail and that type of stuff.staying in touch with family.always with a pair of earphones in my ears. i need some help here. As you can probably tell i don't know how to get around this site either.
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