Apps still autoupdating even though i checked do not Auto update on the play store

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*this is NOT the same question that has been answered by switching a Galaxy setting. These are not Galaxy apps and not a Galaxy phone*

Unnecessary apps keep autoupdating even though I checked do not Auto update anything. These apps do NOT have settings in them to turn off. They are news & tv apps. They are not factory installed. I have an Xperia xz1 compact.

SOMETHING in the phone must have updated on it's own as well bc all of my notifications settings have been reset!! I HATE this. I'm going into every stupid app & turning off notifications. Also my smart lock is no longer working.


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Feb 12, 2012
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I have "auto update" turned off in both Play and in each individual app, and I still get an update once in a while. I've sent Google feedback on it. I think it's fixed now in Pie - I don't seem to be getting any more updates unless I manually tell Play to update an app.