Audio Focus


Nov 9, 2013
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I use Doggcatcher to listen to podcasts. But it is really quick to give up audio focus to literally anything else. I get that with phone calls, but when I'm listening to a podcast and want to play, say, Pokémon Go, Doggcatcher immediately pauses. Worse, I lose the audio controls in the pull-down menu (sorry... I can't recall the proper name), and Pokémon Go likes to completely log out if I switch to another app, putting me into an infinite loop of trying to log into Pokémon Go, Doggcatcher losing audio focus, me switching back to Doggcatcher to get the podcast playing, being forced to log back into Pokémon Go, Doggcatcher losing audio focus... ad infinitum...

This doesn't happen with just Pokémon Go, BTW... but Pokémon Go is the only one that logs out when I switch to another app.

Is it possible to force the G4 to keep audio focus on Doggcatcher? (Doggcatcher itself has no audio focus controls, and they blame Android when it's brought up there.)
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