automatic language text detection?


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i normally have to text on a daylibasis people in 4 diferent languages: spanish, english german and french.
and everytime i have to change manually the corrector by clickin in a key on the virtual keyboard.
sometimes i just wreite a big text and then realize that the corrector was set wrong (from the last conversation), so the corrector has put idiotic words and i have to rewrite the complete massage again.
this is an incredible nuisance. i cannot work this way. i need some kind of meddage inmput system that recognises the language autamatically without me havong to change it every single time.
somebeody knows if this implemented?
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Javier P

Feb 21, 2014
Welcome to the forums. What device do you have and what keyboard are you using? Google keyboard (Gboard) or SwiftKey recognise language automatically and you don't need to switch between them. I used SwiftKey for a long time and now I'm using Gboard, which I prefer, and don't have problems writing in three different languages.