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Mar 18, 2013
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So I have a few questions about backing up. I?m currently rooted and using Titanium Backup. On various schedules I run their included backup schemes for ?Redo backups for modified data,? ?Backup new user+system apps & newer versions? and ?Backup all user apps + system data?. After that final one I sync to Dropbox. My question is, what am I actually backing up with this and what will I need to do if tragedy strikes and I need to start over? I also recall creating a backup when I originally rooted my phone, but I have no idea where this resides. It must be on the device and I?d love to back this up elsewhere. Is this possible?

Obviously the best case scenario is that I could just push a button and everything gets put back in place, all settings, widgets, customization, etc. are returned to the last backed up state. But is this actually possible?

What if I flash a custom ROM, will I be able to use backed up data to restore apps and settings on a new ROM?

TIA for any assistance.

lt thistle

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Apr 14, 2010
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Titanium backup will save all your apps and the data for them so when you restore they will all come back where you left off with them.

When you rooted your phone did you install a custom recovery and make a backup that way? If so that is a copy of you phone exactly how it was when you made it and should be in a folder with the recovery name on it.

If you want your screens and widgets to come back just how they were say after you were to flash a new Rom use htcs backup, it should get most everything back how it was.

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