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Nov 24, 2012
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Thanks to this forum I successfully rooted my phone a while back. I'm pretty sure I did a nandroid backup as well as a full Titanium Pro backup. But I'm an idiot in that I didn't save these to an external SD card.

1. How can I copy the nandroid backup somehwere? Where is it? I need this to restore to factory if I need to correct?

2. If I do a full Titanium Pro backup to Dropbox, will I need the backup from right after I rooted the phone?

Thanks so much!


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Oct 9, 2010
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1. The nandroid will be in one of 2 places depending on what recovery you use. If you are using CWM recovery, you will find your nandroid in the clockworkmod folder on either your internal sdcard or your external sdcard. CWM splits your backups into two folders so just copy the whole clockworkmod folder to you computer. To restore a backup you will just tell cwm to look for your backups on either the internal or external and it will find them for you (as long as you leave them where they were) and you will choose which to restore.

If you use twrp you will find the backups in the TWRP folder on either the internal or external sdcard. Just copy the TWRP folder to your computer. Restore the backups the same way as you would in cwm.

2. Don't waste your time doing a full backup in titanium backup. Only backup user apps. Except for actual apps, never backup system files with titanium backup. A waste of time and there are times that they can cause issues when restored.

Remember a nandroid also backs up apps, app data and settings.