Black Screen issue S7 edge and unlocked padlock after factory reset


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My five day old S7E has a black screen issue, where it doesn't wake sometimes when it's locked (Sleep of Death, or Black Screen of Death). Tried getting rid of this issue by first wiping the cache memory (didn't help), then using the phone in safe mode (didn't help, so doesn't seem to be caused by a third party app in my opinion, right?) and finally putting it back to factory settings. Still the issue (after reloading some apps) persisted. What I noticed then after soft resetting the device, was a unlocked padlock during start up. Again I put the phone back to factory settings (last night), this time with only the stock apps and my google account on it, and the black screen issue hasn't occurred (yet), but the phone still shows an unlocked padlock on start up. What does this icon mean?

This morning I also went back to the store where I bought the phone, got the answer that they hadn't heard of the issue and would contact Samsung, until their response I'm still with a phone that doesn't seem to be working properly.

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Sep 23, 2013
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Hi, to clarify - you now have a phone with only Google apps and stock Samsung apps on it and the issue hasn't came back? leading me to believe the issue is being caused by an app you downloaded? as for the padlock on the lock screen, this is just your "trusted places" kicking in. Your phone knows when you're home so it allows you to unlock your phone easily.

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