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Bluetooth - Help Please


Well-known member
Oct 28, 2015
Just yesterday as I am driving my Bluetooth shuts off and disconnects. I deleted it from my car, reinstalled and paired but no luck. I restarted my phone, no luck. When connected to Bluetooth headphones, it seems to be ok, just while in my car seems to be the issue.
Any suggestions?

Thank you.


Retired Moderator
Feb 12, 2012
Delete the phone from the car and delete the car from the phone. Turn them both off, turn on the car radio, turn on the phone and pair them again from the start. Make sure that you're watching both the phone and the radio, so you can do the appropriate things at the right times. (I had a problem in one car radio in that, at the time the phone was asking me to okay the radio, the radio was asking me to press the volume button to okay the phone - and I was looking at the phone and missed it, so it timed out and they didn't pair.)