Bluetooth Not Working Correctly


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Mar 22, 2014
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Hey guys, I'm trying to help a friend out, maybe you guys can help? :

"I have a strange issue where spotify stops me from being able to record through google now on a nexus 5.

I use my phone + spotify in an interesting way with my car bluetooth. I have two bluetooth connections running simultaneously (because my car only natively supports phone audio and not media audio). One is obviously the car for calls and the second is a bluetooth adapter kit for my head unit (made by GROM).

Now that google now supports voice through bluetooth in my car. When i press the mic the bluetooth audio swaps to my cars integrated system (bluetooth connection 1) and waits for input.

Usually (when i was using google music last month) google now would do its search and start playing my music again. However when spotify is active in memory and i force a voice input into google now the audio starts to play out of bluetooth connection 1 and swaps between connection 1 and 2 not actually allowing me to say anything (seems to flood the mic).

The only way i could make it stop wanting to play what was last played in spotify was to kill the service and then activate the google now voice prompt."

Phone: Nexus 5
Android Version: 4.4.2
Not Rooted
Apps are up to date