Bluetooth volume control?

Clark Ye

Feb 24, 2013
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I have had multiple bluetooth devices, ranging from bluetooth earbuds to bluetooth speakers to bluetooth audio adapters for car aux ports. What I don't understand is why these devices can't control the phone's on-board media volume? I have a Galaxy S7 Edge running 6.0.1. All of the bluetooth devices just switch to their device-specific volume. This is extremely annoying, because I would then need to turn my phone's media volume very high and change volume on my bluetooth device. Is there anything I can do? Why hasn't Android linked phone media volume with bluetooth volume controls yet? Does it depend on the phone, or does it also depend on the device?

The bluetooth devices I've owned include:
Mpow Wolverine earbuds (these seem to have their own separate bluetooth control system altogether. Can't invoke voice assistants, etc)
Streambot Mini (these also seem to have their own separate bluetooth control systems)
Anker Soundcore speakers (same as above)

I have heard of some places where it does depend on the bluetooth device, for instance here:
Quote: "UNIFIED VOLUME & MAGNETIZED CONTROLS – These wireless headphones have unified volume, basically when increasing/decreasing volume on the Bluetooth earbud the volume on your smart phone automatically adjusts."

If it is the case that I've just been getting bluetooth devices that don't have this feature, I would be willing to switch to devices that do. On that note, if anyone has suggestions on devices that do have it, or tips on how to look for devices that include this feature (these Freshtech earbuds are one of the only few that actually mention this unified volume feature) that would be great.