Question 2FA not working

Natasha Alekseeva

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Aug 26, 2015
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I am trying to log into the website in Ireland. I have tried using my laptop and my phone to log in. The problem seems to be with the 2FA. I am asked to enter my mobile number to receive the one time passcode. I have tried all the configurations of my number (with and without the leading zero, with and without the Irish dialling code etc). I have been in touch with Boots and they reset the 2FA and confirmed they had the correct number on my account and asked me to clear the cache and cookies on my laptop and device but this hasn't fixed the problem. I don't have an issue receiving one time passcodes from other companies, so I think the problem is with Boots and not with my phone or laptop. I don't have unknown numbers blocked from calling or texting and permissions are enabled. Any ideas how to fix this, as Boots are out of ideas?!


Jul 14, 2011
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Is your phone line allowed to receive these codes? Carriers sometimes disable this by default as they may have an additional cost, so the user would have to request them to be activated for your line. I'd also check any Spam folders if your messaging app has those filters.