Bricked Touchpad need help


Jan 12, 2010
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I have been running CM9 nighties for some time now with no issues on my 16GB US WiFi only Touchpad. I installed TWRP and after some time decided to remove it and just use CWM. After trying several things from the posts (which would not work) I decided to remove CM9 completely then reinstall. This is where I got into trouble...

I loaded all necessary CM9 files in the cminstall folder on the Touchpad. I successfully ran ACMEUninstaller and got back to the WebOS language selection (i.e. the initial WebOS screen from factory). Instead of logging into WebOs (felt there was no-need since I never use it), I put the unit in Download mode (vol down + power). I then ran ACMEInstaller2. I received an error (text on the black touchpad screen which I assume is the bootloader) saying the needed files were not installed and something like "remove the wall". I thought I would reboot the unit and now log into WebOS and reinstall the CM9 files (thinking I made a typo when loading them). Now I cannot get the Touchpad to reboot - totally black and even when connected to the PC I dont get the USB connection sound.

Does anyone know if there is a hardware method to bring the unit back (maybe a different sequence of button presses or shorting a pin on the USB connector)? I have tried home+vol up+power, home+vol down + power, home + power, and of course power only and home only. Each combination was held for 30 seconds and then again for a minute and with power connected, PC connected, and nothing connected to the USB port.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.


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Sep 7, 2012
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I have also bricked my Touchpad (trying to update to latest nightly) and have the exact same symptoms. I know it has a good charge, but completely dead.

Could use the same hardware reboot method.

I will also note, I am exactly 2 weeks out of warranty!
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