Broken digitizer or lcd?


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Mar 10, 2014
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Hi all,

I recently went to montreal on a business trip, everyone was telling me it was gonna be cold and they werent joking.. Anyways i was out one night and it was brutally cold, i think it was -20c or something like that and the mrs called , talked to her for about half an hour complaining about the weather.. After i hung up, i tried to make another call and my galaxy s4 wasnt responding, screen was on but touchscreen no longer respond ...I rebooted and it was the same, took out the battery and waited a few minutes but the screen was does not respond... Thats just great, in a business trip without a phone..

That same night at the hotel, i took a better look at the phone and i notice a lil crack inside the outside glass is perfect, the lcd looks crack but the picture is nice and clear, it doesnt have the ugly black ink that broken lcd have.. Its obvious that my digitizer is broken but how can it break without breaking the glass or the lcd..

My question is, what exactly does the digitizer look like? Is it a piece of glass, a film or just some wires around the lcd? If the outer glass of my samsung is intact, and theres an obvious crack inside, will that be the lcd or can it be just the digitizer? And lastly how can my galaxy s4 break like that while its in my hands being used? Thanks in advance and please excuse my grammar lol..
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