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Sep 2, 2011
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Hi all, first time post here, so please forgive if I am in the wrong place etc.

I have a really weird problem that may be browser related, may be HTC related or maybe even Android itself.

At work I tried one of our websites on my HTC Desire S, using the native browser, Opera Mobile and Firefox Mobile. Apart from some mixed zone warning messages that I know occur everywhere everything worked well including a javascript module that is hosted externally from, but called from within one of our pages.

So much so that we today bought a Flyer as a proof of concept for our field staff to use.

However the website on the flyer behaves completely differently except in the default browser.

Firefox behaves as though Javascript is disabled even though it isn't, and Opera spears to not even attempt to load the component.

But here is the really freaky part. If I create a bookmark in the default browser, but tell it to open with Opera it works correctly.... WTF?

As much as is possible the two devices are set up identically, with the only noticeable difference being Sense/Sense for tablet.

Opera is the same version, Firefox is the same version, both are android 2.3.3. It's not Flash although both have the same version installed.....

Anyone have any ideas at all?

Thanks in advance


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