Bullets Wireless-resume play feature not working on non One Plus phones

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I have a One Plus 5t and my husband has a Samsung Galaxy 8. Using the Bullets Wireless earbuds we can play music and if we want to pause we just magnetically connect the earbuds. To resume playing music I separate them and the music starts up again. When my husband separates them, nothing happens. He has to go back to his phone to start the music again. (we knew this when we bought them) Just wondering, though, does anyone know why non One Plus phones can't auto-resume? Is there a technical reason? I figure if it can stop it, it should be able to restart it too. Wondering if a future update would address this. I emailed CS at One Plus but their answer was to contact Samsung support to see if they can investigate. What???? It's One Plus's product--they should know why it doesn't work, right?


May 29, 2014
It's down to the phone whether it can auto start playing when the earphones connect. To some extent it can be controlled by the particular app that you use for playback. I remember that the DogCatcher podcast app will auto start when bluetooth connects if you set it do this.

There is an app called Bluetooth Volume Control that I use to set an initial volume for each bluetooth device and it also allows you control whether that device auto starts playback or not. There are probably others that do this too but this app works nicely for me.