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Buyers Guide, 10 inch Tablet


New member
Jan 4, 2013
I've been waiting to buy a Nexus 10 32GB for some time now. They've been out of stock in the UK Play store ever since I decided to get one in December.

If I end up getting one in the next few weeks, I'd be buying it a whole quater after its initial release.

With technology moving on so fast in the tablet and smartphone arena am I better off waiting until some Tegra 4 units come into production?

Buying a good spec 10 inch tablet is no small investment, with the quality models going for ?400 $450...and I'm talking about the great value Nexus 10 here!

I do need a tablet quite urgently, however I could wait out a couple months if it's worth it.

Anyone else in the same boat...what are your thoughts?