Calendar not Syncing with Corporate Account


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Jan 27, 2011
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I placed a new event on my phone this afternoon and when I got back to my office I noticed it wasn't on my desktop calendar. I couldn't understand why it didn't sync. I went the phone and saw that the calendar was "phone" calendar not the corporate calendar. There was no way to edit the phone calendar on the page to choose which calendar to place the new event, like I could on my OG Droid. After initially panicking, hyperventilating a bit, I took three deep breathes (I live and die by this calendar), and looked at the settings again. It was possible to turn off the phone calendar totally, which is what I did. I went back to my phone, re-entered the event, (now I had the drop down box with a choice of calendars to enter the new event) and re-entered the information. Before, I blinked it was synced on my desktop!
Hope this info helps others who rely heavily on their corporate calendars.