Question Camera and sound not working


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Jun 17, 2023
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So. I dropped my phone,replaced my screen (I have experience with replacing screens so i doubt i have ruined it. i also tried 2 other screens in case the issue was the screen and same result) and after turning the phone on I can't access my camera app or sound. When I open my camera it says "couldnt open try again" I've tried the standard fixes. Cleared cache, safe mode, factory reset, tried disabling camera. I don't have Bluetooth on I have no idea whats wrong. And I can hear sound when I plug headphones in but none without. I have taken it to a repair shop which was no help he just offered to get a new phone which I cannot afford so please help ! My flashlight also does not work and ive tried installing 3rd party apps for it and still nothing. i get met with flashlight is being used by another app and after researching fixes i found the clear cache , change permissions and it does not work in safe mode.