camera crash oreo 8.1 motorola moto x style/pure

Bart Johanson

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Apr 15, 2019
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I have flashed my motorola moto x style / pure with oreo 8.1 in itself everything work, but the camera.

I can only use the front camera and as soon as I take a picture the camera crashes.
The rear cam doesn't show up at al.

Have done a factory reset and reinstalled everything through twrp recovery.
With mind the gapps the camera crashed.
With open gapps the camera crashed.

Emptying cashe memory or and installing another camera apps does not help. This problem is hiding within.

What can this be and is there an android version that would not have this outside of the original rom.
I've read a lot about this problem but i cant find any thread where there is a solution for me and my phone.

Update: the crash message is mediaserver crahed

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