Camera not functioning , advice if you could


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Aug 9, 2013
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I have just bought a second hand A700 and I clicked the camera icon o. The desktop and it goes to a screen with a circle on the right but there is no image, just a black screen?. Then either of the following two messages pop up

Unfortunately gallery has stopped
Cannot connect to camera

The machine is running 4.1.1 at this time

I have looked in the settings/apps folder and there isn't anything relating to camera in there? , although there is an icon on the desktop in apps?, any help is welcome or advice, have had this for three hours since delivery.

Would I be advised to reset to factory settings ?, then try and update to current jellybean please are we still on 4.1.1 or have things moved on as the tablet is currently on 4.1.1 I'm from the uk thanks