Can I get some help porting freedompop phone and phone number to another carrier?


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Feb 26, 2014
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Need help porting freedompop phone and phone number to another carrier.

I have been trying to port my freedompop phone and # to another carrier but when I do I get the following error:

It looks like you're trying to port a number from Bandwidth LLC but your Sprint device is active with another number. You'll need to contact your carrier to have your device's current number deactivated. When you start the BYOD process again, you'll be able to port over your (###) ###-#### number.

When I open the Status menu in options I see My phone number and it lists a number and the Mobile network status says disconnected. I have tried doing a carrier reset but the phone just connects to the same number again. I have contacted the service I want to port over to and they told me that Freedompop has to phone #'s connected to our account, Our actual number and a number linking our device to the 3g/4g data services. Can anyone tell me how to clear this number out so I can port my phone and number over?