Can I get some help reinstalling an OS to my HTC M7?


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Sep 4, 2011
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Need Help Reinstalling an OS to my HTC M7

SUMMARY: My HTC M7 hangs on the "HTC Quietly Brilliant" screen. I have erased the OS, by some how. TWRP says "No OS installed! Reboot anyway?" I've spent 12 hours trying to self-fix this and my phone is about at 80% batter which takes FOREVER to die. When the phone hangs on the screen, I have to let the battery die. I'm not down to keep messing up. Is there a fix?

Here are some title screens and information, I'm not sure what they all mean but through forum-surfing I know this may help (you).

POWER+VOL-DN Button Screens:

*** UNLOCKED ***
May 3 2013,19:16:50-1

Vol up... (controls)

[fastboot] / [recovery] / [factory reset] / [simlock] / [image crc] / [show barcode]

I can access that screen, and when a USB is plugged into my phone I can get FASTBOOT USB on the Fastboot screen. When unplugged, USB goes away.

I currently use Windows 7, and have been through the ringer before about drives so I believe my PC should and DOES recognize my phone. Although, I cannot get it to access my phone in this menu.

I use TWRP

Upon entering TWRP screen, I have access to menus and if you want to know them, let me know. Also, USB connects here and is recognized by PC but in the COMPUTER menu, it only shows E:\Removable Media; I cannot format, open, or anything. I can eject and open as viewable (something I forgot - but cannot drag or access phone).

Alright, so here's what happened!!!

I love Clash of Clans. I installed a Dark$oul mod and could not get the damn thing off. It was fun to test but not enjoyable to play. I went to uninstall, thoroughly as much as I could tell. COC did not revert back to it's original state. So I went into the boot loader, did a factory reset. Installed COC and it STILL loaded with Dark$oul mod.

I use TWRP, and rooted the phone with www x towelroot x com, pretty easily. I use SuperSU and have given permissions, etc, and uninstalled to try and fix, etc.

So a reformat did not work.

Went back into TWRP menu and proceeded to press buttons. This included erasing basically everything:

WIPE > Format Data *yes*
... > Advanced Wipe > Selected all (Dalvic cache, cache, data, internal storage, system, USB otg)

ADB Sideload > wipe dalvic cache
> wipe cache

HTC Dumlock > reflash recovery (2 or 3x done)
> install HTC dumlock (1x done)
> restore original boot (1x done)

That's basically it. I've touched all buttons ... I might have a problem messing with stuff I shouldn't. Sorry.

Is there a fix? Thank you!!!

- Regards,
Matthew / Mutoi


May 10, 2013
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Need Help Reinstalling an OS to my HTC M7

"Went back into TWRP menu and proceeded to press buttons... "

Oh, my, that's never a good MO, lol. You could side load an OS via TWRP, but, if it were me, I'd go the easy route and grab an official ROM from HTC and run that EXE file from Windows. I don't have a link handy, but just Google and you will find it.

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