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Can I get some help using an phone screen Bluetooth app connection?


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On Phone Screen Bluetooth Connection


I have a problem when I am trying to make a connection between LG G2 to my PC via On Phone Screen application through the Bluetooth connection. Through the USB connection, On Phone Screen App works properly however, on Phone Screen App on PC gives the error, attached to that mail.

By the way, I am sure that both G2 and computer are connected via Bluetooth in a true way, because I can share file via Bluetooth between two.
Another point is that when it asks me to enter a password, I put a random number in it.

Could you please share how I can deal with this problem.


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Feb 12, 2012
Re: On Phone Screen Bluetooth Connection

File sharing is one of the profiles the Bluetooth stack has. Multimedia is another. Communications is another. The profile OnPhoneScreen uses has to be compatible with the same one in the computer in order for them to work. The fact that you can transfer files between the phone and the computer only means that a) the Bluetooth connection is there and b) they have compatible file transfer profiles. It doesn't mean that the phone and computer can do anything else on Bluetooth. (It doesn't mean they can't either - it's just not enough that they can share files, they also have to do whatever profile the phone app uses.)

This is why we see so many "My S3 played music through my Ford radio, my S4 doesn't" posts. Nothing is broken - the S3 and S4 Bluetooth multimedia profiles are different enough that the radio can't use the S4.