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New to texting

I have a Samsung Galaxy S5 and just now added texting. I know that this seems like a rather easy question to everyone that has been texting forever, and I feel embarrassed having to ask, but I have no one i feel comfortable asking this question. When you see something that says "text (and either a number or phrase) to (and then like a 6 digit number)" how do you enter that? For example: to play, text TANK5 to 777888. Or when I want to order a movie on Directv it says to text....and a number.


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Jun 10, 2014
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In your messaging app, press the + symbol to start a new text, and enter the number you've been given in the address bar, which will be blank because you haven't selected an existing contact address. Then, in the text field below, enter the message as instructed, and send. So in the example you gave, 777888 in the address bar, TANK5 in the text field below it. :)

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