Can I reinstall the operating system?

Mad Madge

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Mar 18, 2014
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Hi. I purchased a chinese generic smartphone with 4.0.3 android. It was working ok, but I got a bigger sd card to install more apps, as I was running low on space. After that, my internal memory was still small, so I tried rooting it to get rid of many factory apps I did not use, such as twitter, with kingsoft.

After that, I removed apps that the kingsoft software told me I should probably not remove (like youtube and google maps). I did it anyway (not my smartest move) and now I cannot install anything on my phone. I either get messages such as "app is not signed correctly" or "could not install app on phone or sd card". With some games, it tells me they?ve been installed correctly, but when trying to acess them, the system says they?re not installed on the phone.

I cannot install google maps again, or any other app anymore. I tried restoring to factory settings, but nothing changes. The phone is otherwise working fine, but it loses it?s purpose if i can?t install anything on it. Is there a way I can reinstall the whole system?

My phone is a hexing75_hspa. Can anyone help me?